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Writing in Afrikan languages has never been this easy. You have nothing to loose. Take your chance on us

aist univesral keyboard

the product

The AiST Universal Keyboard Series are a series of keyboards for writing Afrikan languages on PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.

AiST Branded Universal Keyboard (GH)
Back lighting
Writes 89 different languages
Writes 6 European languages
Enhanced Security

how it works

Everybody has a keyboard, But our’s is different. Here is how it works.


Install Software

Install the AiST Universal Keyboard software on your device (PC, Laptop or Mobile)


Configure It

For mobiles and tablets, follow the onscreen instructions to activate the AiST Universal Keyboard (GH)and start using

For PC's and Laptops, there's a user manual on the software CD. Follow the instructions in the manual to activate the keyboard for first time use


Connect Device

Once the device software is configured, you can start writing all the Afrikan languages you can write alongside European languages on your PC, Laptop and Mobile devices

The Benefits

The AiST Universal Keyboard Series are created to allow users to write any language, any place, any where

Learn A New Afrikan Language

Language sticks to memory when spoken or written. You can learn to write a language with our keyboard and practice how to speak it.

Proven Technology

We use our devices on our mobiles, laptops and PCs. if we won't use it, we won't sell it to you.

Security First

Have an abundance of special characters for setting security passwords online

Innovative idea

You don't need to throw your old keyboard away. we can upgrade it.

Translate Multiple Languages

Translate over 89 different languages

Write Multiple Languages

Write over 89 different languages

Our New Mobile and Tablet Keyboard

This is the first Afrikan keyboard with a dictionary. It actually has two (Akan and English)


Akan-English Dictionary

Write and see text in Akan (Twi)and English languages

All Ghanaian Languages

All Ghanaian Languages can be written.

It's An App

Our mobile and tablet app, stays with you wherever you go. You can write Ghanaian languages anywhere

Stay In Touch

Wherever you go. Give yourself a chance to write to your loved ones in an Afrikan language.

Designed For You

Our products are deigned with you, the customer in mind

No More Missing Characters

ё ẽ ɣ ũ ĩ õ ò ã à ɖ ƒ á è é Ì í ŋ ʒ ç ʋ ɛ̃ ɔ̃ ó ɛ ɔ

Ё Ẽ Ɣ Ũ Ĩ Õ Ò Ã À Ð Ƒ Á È É Ì Í Ŋ Ʒ Ç Ʋ Ɛ̃ Ɔ̃ Ó Ɛ Ɔ

Our Collection

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. You have a unique style and you need a unique keyboard for you. Here is our range.

AiST Branded Universal Keyboard (GH) Desktop

Our Branded USB 2.0 Keyboard



AiST Universal Keyboard (GH) Mobiles and Tablets

Same Keyboard, padded with a bilingual



AiST Universal Keyboard (GH) Laptop Upgrade

Use your own laptop keyboard & our software



AiST Universal Keyboard (GH) Desktop Upgrade

Use your old keyboard & our software


aist keyboard

The Keyboards

There are four keyboard versions supporting Android, Apple and Windows devices.


Write For Education

Our keyboards are not limited to Ghanaian languages. All Six European languages that came to Afrikan shores are also supported. This allows access to languages you are fluent in to be written alongside Ghanaian languages you are learning.


Write For Leisure

Writing Ghanaian languages is good for education as well as leisure. Our mobile keyboard suggests some Ghanaian words as you type. This is a dictionary to aid the correct spelling of Ghanaian words. of


Don’t take our word,. See what the experts say about the AiST Universal Keyboard. We have got some amazing reviews.


The keyboard is the most revolutionary device seen in the teaching of our languages since i have been a teacher.

University of Education, Winneba, Ajumako, Ghana

Yiee! Kofi, yei deɛ w'aku me. Afei deɛ metumi de 'projector' akyerɛ Twi. 

Wow! Kofi, this is insane. It means I can use a projector to teach Twi.


Mr. Dwamena

Languages Teacher PRESEC JHS LEGON

Afeideɛ, yɛ twerɛ Twi a, yɛnmrɛ. Me tumi de me laptop kɔ babiara.

Now we won't struggle to write Twi in the classrooms anymore. I can take my laptop everywhere.


Dr. Nana Anima Wiafe Akenten

Lecturer UEW School of Languages, Ajumako


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to info@asiedutech.co.uk

What is the AiST Universal Keyboard Series? How does it work?

The AiST Universal Keyboard Series are a series of keyboards focused on bringing Afrikan literature within computing circles. The keyboards includes extra characters not found on traditional qwerty keyboards, therefore allowing the user to have a wide selection of languages to write.

Does the Keyboard Translate?

Our PC and laptop keyboards are not translators. Our mobile and tablet keyboard can teach you to spell Akan (Twi) and English words correctly.

Can I swap the keyboard to another device?

Absolutely. We provide you with an installation disk for Apple and Windows purchases. Unfortunately you will need new labels if you use a laptop. Mobile and Tablet software can be downloaded to one device at a time

What's so special about the AiST Universal Keyboard Series

Each AiST Universal Keyboard is capable of writing more than 20 languages. Ideal for multinational libraries and educational literature.

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the AiST Universal Keyboard. We’ve used quality materials



Desktop & Laptop

meet the team

We are a small group of young professionals sharing with the world our simple solution to a major challenge among Afrikan people.


Kofi Asiedu-Berchie

Founder and CEO

Seth Wobil

Installations Engineer

Alex Agyapong

Installations Engineer

Natasha Asiedu-Berchie

Social Media Administrator


Here’s a roadmap of our products to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

11 Nov 2020

Mobile App Launch

23 feb 2018

Mother Tongue day Celebration

We celebrated the 2018 International Mother Tongue day with the University Of Education, Winneba (Ajumako Campus)

23 Oct 2017

Launch at UKBBS

23 jan 2017

First Production

23 jan 2016

Prototype & Testing

23 jan 2016

Research and Development


Mobile Keyboard App

Use your keyboard at your lesiure

download google-play image
app screen


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AiST Universal Keyboard (GH)

AiST Brand

Desktop Only

Get it while it's low cost

This is our own brand keyboard. Enjoy translating or writing in multiple languages with a lifetime warranty. You can work in low light environments due to a smart backlit technology

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AiST Universal Keyboard (GH)


Mobile Only

As Reasonable as a loaf of bread

This is our mobile keyboard. Enjoy translating or writing in multiple languages whilst out and about, for leisure or profession. You don't need to know how to spell Akan (Twi) or English words. This keyboard has a built-in spell checker in both languages.

This is a mobile download link to the Store.

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AiST Universal Keyboard (GH)

Desktop Upgrade

Desktop Only

Get it while it's low cost

This option allows you to keep your own keyboard and enjoy the benefits of an AiST Universal Keyboard like translating and writing in multiple languages. We do not provide a warranty for your keyboard

pay with PayPal

AiST Universal Keyboard (GH)

Laptop Upgrade

Laptop Only

A great value for language teachers and students

This is ideal for laptop users. Especially those who want to enjoy the benefits of an AiST Universal Keyboard such as translating and writing in multiple languages. We do not provide a warranty for your keyboard

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